Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

Posted by Graham Smith on February 8, 2015No Comments (click here to comment)

If you are just getting started with Windows PowerShell or haven't done much with it yet you may be thinking that it is just another scripting language. Nothing could be further from the truth because although PowerShell is a scripting language it's also a huge amount more than that. A Wikipedia page here has a nice overview of the history of PowerShell and of the different features that became available with each version, and gives the reader a good idea about the breadth of functionality. A key concept to understand is that PowerShell is involved in almost every area of automation on the Windows and Azure platforms and knowing, learning and using PowerShell is increasingly going to be essential for anyone working with Windows or Azure. Here are my top learning resources for getting started with PowerShell:

PowerShell is huge and in terms of resources this is just the tip of the iceberg. In my view the two Jump Start series of videos on the Microsoft Virtual Academy are unmissable. What's great about them is that Jason Helmick is a superb presenter and extremely funny guy and Jeffrey Snover is also an excellent presenter and also the inventor of PowerShell. This all adds up to an immensely enjoyable series of videos where you learn about the history of PowerShell as well as how to use it. Also well worth watching are the two videos from TechEd North America 2014 -- lots of value for the time it takes to watch them. I've listed two courses from Pluralsight that are useful if you are just getting going with PowerShell but there are plenty more for anyone wanting to dig deeper.

Cheers -- Graham