Getting Started with Azure Resource Manager

Posted by Graham Smith on November 11, 2015No Comments (click here to comment)

Whether you have been working with Microsoft Azure for some time or are new to it there is one BIG thing you need to know about: there are now both ‘classic' and new ways of doing Azure. Classic is referred to as Azure Service Management (ASM) and new is known as Azure Resource Manager (ARM). Going forward ARM is definitely the way of the known future so it makes sense to understand what it's all about and what it can offer. The link collection below is my pick of the best resources to help you get up to speed. If your time is limited then don't miss Trevor Sullivan's MTUG Norway video -- it's a gem.

One thing to keep firmly in mind as you work your way through the resources above is that just recently a new set of Azure PowerShell cmdlets for ARM was released in preview. These cmdlets represent a breaking change from the old cmdlets so any code in the above resources is effectively soon going to be out-of-date. Having said that on the surface the differences are not huge (mostly naming differences) however under the covers I think things have changed as I have come across an odd bug or two. If you are just starting out with ARM it's probably worth using the new cmdlets -- just beware they are in preview for a reason.

Cheers -- Graham