Getting started with Team Foundation Server and ALM

Posted by Graham Smith on December 5, 20142 Comments (click here to comment)

Team Foundation Server is Microsoft's ecosystem (my term) that allows organisations to implement software application lifecycle management and continuous delivery. TFS consists of the core application on top of which run various clients that perform specialised roles. There are many articles that explain the capabilities of TFS and why you would want to use it in preference to other tools (or not as the case may be), and the purpose of this post isn't to go over that well-trodden ground. Rather, I'm assuming that TFS is your way forward any you are looking for ways to get started with it. I'll cover a couple of scenarios for the core product as follows:

You haven't yet implemented TFS and are looking for guidance on installing and configuring it:

TFS is installed and you want to learn how to use it to best effect:

Whilst some of the training courses I link to above are free from the Microsoft Virtual Academy I make no apology for linking to Pluralsight courses for which one needs a subscription. For Microsoft.NET -- and increasingly other -- developers a Pluralsight subscription is in my view an indispensable tool and excellent value for money.

Enjoy getting to grips with TFS -- it's a great piece of kit. Watch out for future Getting Started posts on the other applications that form part of the ecosystem.

Cheers -- Graham