Azure DevOps Hidden Gems #3 – Pull Request Validation Builds AND Releases

Posted by Graham Smith on July 4, 2019No Comments (click here to comment)

I've been working with Azure DevOps quite a lot recently (having used its predecessors for many years) and I'm constantly amazed by features I never knew existed or which I vaguely knew existed but hadn't fully appreciated. In this blog post series I'm attempting to shine a light on some of these hidden gems for the benefit of others. The full list of posts is here and if you have any suggestions for other posts please leave a comment!

If you are using git in Azure Repos you can protect a branch (master for example) with a branch policy that forces any changes to master to come in via a pull request to merge code from another branch. Branch policies have a fantastic wealth of options, and whilst they are definitely a gem I don't think they are exactly hidden:

One of the options available from Protect this branch is the ability to run a validation build against an ad hoc merge of the source and destination branches. This allows the proposed merge to be subjected to unit tests and anything else you might have in place to help with code quality. Typically you'll want to use the build that is normally run as part of the deployment pipeline, but of course not all tasks will need to run—there's probably no point in deploying artifacts for a validation build for example. This is where my previous tip comes in to play—the ability to run tasks conditionally according to custom conditions.

The ability to have a proposed merge validated by a build is great, but there's more! It's also possible to extend this concept to one or more stages of the release pipeline. For example, if the first stage of your release pipeline is configured to run automated acceptance tests you can have these run against the proposed merge following a successful validation build. Brilliant!

You can find the instructions for configuring validation releases here and a great walkthrough of how to configure an end-to-end scenario by Microsoft's Olivier Léger here. I've used the validation build and release feature and I love it, so do give it a try if it's a fit for your scenario.

Hope this helps!

Cheers -- Graham